Renee File Protector

Renee File Protector 2.7

Hide and lock your files, folders, and disks with AES encryption algorithms

There are many privacy- and security-related reasons why any of us would need to hide or lock our files, folders, and even entire disks. Whatever your reasons are, Renee File Protector offers different levels of protection to hide and lock anything on a computer, providing you with the most sophisticated AES encryption algorithms in the simplest interface possible.

The first time you launch Renee File Protector you’re asked to enter a master password. This first step is key to ensure both the privacy of your data and the usability of the program’s entire functionality. You must never forget this password, and you’re advised to provide an e-mail address that the program can use not only to send you a copy of the password you’ve just chosen, but also to recover it in the future in case of loss. You may also want to use this master password later to lock files and folders in external disks, too.

The program offers different menu entries for files on your main hard drive and data stored in external USB devices. Note that, for obvious reasons, you won’t be able to hide or lock the partition or the unit where you installed the program, though you can protect any individual files and folders stored in it. However, while testing the trial version, the program failed to hide, lock, or protect any of the files and folders on my hard disk for reasons beyond me, even though a message in the program’s interface kept telling me that I could do so. It did work like a charm with my external drive, though, and I could hide and lock files and folders there in a snap using my master password.

You can also monitor folders on your hard disk, so that any file going into them is immediately protected according to your settings and without any further intervention on your side. You can also set up shared folders and lock any file in them with this tool. It comes with two useful extra utilities – a file encryption feature and a Safe Delete function to remove files and folders both securely and permanently. The latter can be configured to overwrite your data up to 20 times, either to get rid of unneeded files or folders or to clean any existing free disk space.

Renee File Protector follows the two main rules of a good data protection tool – ease of use and strong encryption methods. Once set up, this program will turn your sensitive partitions, disks, files, and folders either inaccessible or invisible. From one-click drag-and-drop protection methods to folder monitoring for automated file encryption, and from hiding or locking to denying reading or writing, this tool offers flexible features that adapt to your security and privacy needs.

Francisco Martínez
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  • AES encryption algorithms
  • Master password
  • Locks files automatically in monitored folders
  • Secure file and folder deletion
  • Support for external USB drives


  • Trial version couldn't hide/lock files or folders on the main hard disk
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